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Fraternal Order of Police - Special Offer!

Engage with your members in an easy and modern way.

FOP State and Local Lodges are constantly trying to recruit and retain current members… so we have created an affordable means in which both state and local lodges can maintain a web presence that attracts new members and keeps the current ones.

Engage with members in an easy and modern way.

We have created three packages to help your board members find a website solution for your needs.

Custom Website

  • Custom website with your own domain name, hosting, email addresses, unlimited maintenance, and support.

  • Starting at $1,000.00/year.

  • Custom services:

    • Members only section

    • Password protected pages

    • Merchandise store

    • Forum - Public and private

    • Blog

    • File storage - Store all of your minutes, by laws, etc.

    • Events - We can handle everything from signing up, collecting money, checking members in, invoicing, etc.

    • Customized email addresses

    • Email marketing

    • Point of Sales (POS) hardware and software

    • Custom subscriptions, memberships, plans


  • Mini-website that would piggyback off of the state lodge’s website… for example.

  • There would be limited options, but it would appear as the lodge's own website, with links, images/videos, events, etc.

  • Nothing extensive, but enough to make it appear that a lodge has their own website/link.

  • An option is available to do email addresses for $72/year that would piggyback off the state lodge’s domain.

  • Starting at $500/year.

FOP Dues Form

  • Would just be a logo, names of the board members, contact information, and an online dues form.

  • $150/year.

Join our ever growing list of FOP Lodges that trust us!


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