Frequently Asked Questions

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Website Questions

What do your packages include?

Website hosting, domain name, one personalized email address, unlimited forms, Google Analytics, annual maintenance, and MUCH MORE in one low price.​

What does unlimited maintenance really mean?

I charge an annual maintenance fee. This annual fee includes full maintenance for your website. Whatever changes you need throughout the year, I will take care of without any additional fees. Need a form added? Need a new page added? Need the homepage redesigned? This is all included in my annual rates.

Will you design a small website?

No project is too small or too big. I will design within your budget.​

How many personalized email addresses can I have?

You can have as many as you would like. The first one is included in the package. Each additional email address is $72/year.​ All email accounts are through Google. You can view additional pricing here. You can also maintain your own domain service and use their email accounts. Majority of domain name services charge for email accounts.

How long will it take you to build my website?

Most websites can be created in as little as one week.

What type of forms are you able to create?

Every package comes with an unlimited amount of forms. All of these forms are SSL/TLS Secure forms. Here are some of the forms that are commonly used:

  • Event Registrations
  • Membership Applications
  • Collect Membership Dues
  • Collect Donations
  • Collect Legal Defense Plan Dues
  • Contact Us Form
  • Endorsement Forms

Are you able to create a spreadsheet with the data you collect from the forms that are submitted?​

Yes, I can have forms automatically send data to a secure spreadsheet for your organization. Google Spreadsheets are mainly used for this. Users are then able to give access to the spreadsheet to others within your organization.

How many photos or videos can I have on my website?

You can have as many as you would like, there is no limit.​

Do you accept online payments?

Yes, I accept payment via PayPal and checks.

Can you import my blog from Wordpress?

Absolutely! I can migrate almost any website.

Would it cost less for you to just carry over our current design and begin maintaining our website?

Yes! I can take over maintaining your current website and its design. This would drastically reduce your initial redesign fee.​

Are you able to give clients access to the website?

  • Yes. You can access the website via a mobile app or a desktop website.​
  • ​You can access your blog to add text and photos.​
  • You can control your items that you have for sale.
  • You can control the contact list of anyone that interacts with your website.

How secure is the software and the forms that you use?​

  • The company I use contracts with security consultants to ensure the security of the platform. Regular security audits and infiltration tests are done to maintain ISO/PCI security certifications.​
  • The company encrypts databases containing sensitive information, according to PCI standards, to add additional protection of personally identifiable information. The encryption methods renders this information unreadable without a cryptographic key.
  • The company has a multi-layer security architecture to help protect against 0-day security issues.
  • The signup and login services are completed through a secure server. The information provided to the company in the signup process is secured via HTTPS/ SSL communication.
  • The company has cryptography hash functions to protect your information. Your password is stored as a hash digest and, in the event of a security breach, your original password cannot be recovered from our servers.

How long does it take for you to update something if needed?

It will obviously depend on the extent of the update(s)/change(s). Most changes will happen within 48 hours.​

Can we contact the organizations that you have already designed websites for?

Yes, I highly encourage you to get feedback from any or all of the organizations that I have designed websites for.​ They would be more than willing to provide that feedback. You can read some of their feedback here.

Can you design levels of membership plans? Where people can sign up and have certain access to only certain areas after making a payment?

Yes, I can design levels of memberships based on payment plans.

Can I sell products on my website?

Absolutely! ​From challenge coins to clothing, you can sell it all. You can either sell your own products or partner with Printful.com.

What do you use to create your websites?

I am a certified Wix Expert and use their their platform to design and maintain my websites.​

What if I want to cancel my contract and transfer the site to someone else?

I would hate to have you leave, but I can transfer your Wix website to another Wix account for an agreed upon price.​

How will my website look on different devices?

My websites work with all of the latest web browsers for Mac and Windows. The mobile versions of my websites work on any mobile device and tablet.​

How many photos and/or videos can I have?

I can add as many photos and/or videos as you would like, there is no limit.

Can I have pages that only my members can access?

Absolutely! I can create pages that only certain people can access, to include the following options:

  • Individual Logins
  • Individual Profile Pages
  • Membership Only Pages
  • Membership Only Forum
  • Membership Only Individual/Group Chat
  • Membership Only Files

Can I collect subscriber information and send out mailings?

Absolutely! You can create marketing campaigns using subscriber data or I can upload your current data. Create custom emails to send to subscribers, members, clients, etc. You can also share instantly via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Will my website show up on Google Searches?

Yes! Every website comes with Basic Search Engine Optimization. I will ensure that when people are looking for your website, they will find it!

Do you offer Google Analytics?

Yes! I will connect your website to Google Analytics. This way, you can track what your visitors are interested in the most. See how many people visit your website, what devices they are using, from what part of the world, etc. I offer this data to you on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Do you offer a blog, forum, or a way to upload files?

Absolutely! I will give you full administrative access to maintain your blog, forum, and/or files. You can make these public or private.

Will visitors be able to search my website for the information they are looking for?

Of course! I can add a search tool for users to find the exact information they are looking for.

Business Questions

You are a full-time deputy sheriff and a part-time web designer, does your employer know about this business?

Yes, I submit a job request form to my full-time employer annually.​

Where can we find reviews of RD Designs, LLC?

I try to have all of my organizations provide me feedback on Facebook. You can find my current reviews here.​ Just click on "Most Recent".

Where are you located?

I am based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, but I will design for any organization in the United States.​ You can mail me at PO Box 1769, Maple Grove, Minnesota 55311.

Where can we find out more about you?

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn page.

What is the Tax ID number for RD Designs, LLC?

My company is registered in Minnesota under Tax ID: 82-3115428