Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do your packages include?

    • Website hosting, domain name, one personalized email address, unlimited forms, Google Analytics, and annual maintenance in one low price.​

  • How many personalized email addresses can I have?

    • You can have as many as you would like. The first one is free. Each additional email address is $80/year.​

  • How long will it take you to build my website?

    • Most websites can be created in as little as one week.​

  • Are you able to create event registrations, membership applications, and other types of forms?

    • Yes, I am able to create any form that your organization desires.

  • Are you able to create a spreadsheet with the data you collect from the forms that are submitted?​

    • Yes, I can have forms automatically send data to a secure spreadsheet for your organization. Google Spreadsheets are mainly used for this. Users are then able to give access to the spreadsheet to others within your organization.

  • Do you accept online payments?

    • Yes, I accept payment via PayPal and checks.​

  • Can you import my blog from Wordpress?

    • Absolutely!

  • Would it cost less for you to just carry over our current design and begin maintaining our website?

    • Yes! I can take over maintaining your current website and its design. This would drastically reduce your initial redesign fee.​

  • How secure is the software and forms that you use?​

    • The company I use contracts with security consultants to ensure the security of the platform. Regular security audits and infiltration tests are done to maintain ISO/PCI security certifications.​

    • The company I use encrypts databases containing sensitive information, according to PCI standards, to add additional protection of personally identifiable information. The encryption methods renders this information unreadable without a cryptographic key. 

    • The company I use has a multiple layer security architecture to help protect against 0-day security issues. 

    • The signup and login services are completed through a secure server. The information provided to the company in the signup process is secured via HTTPS/ SSL communication. 

    • The company I use has cryptography hash functions to protect your information. Your password is stored as a hash digest and, in the event of a security breach, your original password cannot be recovered from our servers.

  • How long does it take for you to update something if needed?

    • It will obviously depend on the extent of the update(s)/change(s). Most changes will happen within 48 hours.​

  • You are a full-time deputy sheriff and a part-time web designer, does your employer know about this business?

    • Yes, I submit a job request form to my full-time employer annually.​

  • Can we contact the organizations that you have already designed websites for?

    • Yes, I highly encourage you to get feedback from any or all of the organizations that I have designed websites for.​ They would be more than willing to provide that feedback.

  • Where can we find reviews of RD Designs, LLC?

    • I try to have all of my organizations provide me feedback on Facebook. You can find my current reviews here.​ Just click on "Most Recent".

  • Can you design levels of membership plans? Where people can sign up and have certain access to only certain areas after making a payment?

    • Yes, I can design levels of memberships based on payment plans.

  • What do you use to create your websites?

    • I use the professional platform to design and maintain my websites.​

  • What if I want to cancel my contract and transfer the site to someone else?

    • No problem! I can transfer your Wix website to another Wix account for an agreed upon price.​

  • Where can we find out more about you?

    • You can learn more about me here. I also maintain a LinkedIn page.​


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