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Below is a list of applications that are available that can be integrated into your website. These will maintain the look and feel of your website, while providing an enhanced experience for your users.



Create a stunning blog and grow an online community with people who share your passion. With beautiful, up-to-date layouts, visitors can easily discover your posts and share them in a click. Readers can join your blog, create member profiles, follow posts, comment with images & videos, and more.

  • Easily set up your blog in minutes

  • Get beautiful layouts with built-in social features

  • Grow an active member community

  • Add and manage multiple writers

  • Post on the go and look stunning on mobile


File Sharing

Create a file library where you and your customers can easily share files with one another. Site members can search for specific files and organize them in folders for easy access. Great for collaborating with clients, teams, students and community members. Plus, give site members custom access permissions, and decide who can view, upload, download and manage files.

  • Share any file format on your site

  • Control who can view, upload, download and manage files

  • Find files quickly with folders and filtered search options

  • Manage and view files on-the-go



Create an online community right on your site with a forum. Your visitors can become members, join conversations, follow posts, upload videos, leave comments and more. As a forum administrator, you can control all the happenings.

  • Allow customers that don’t have Facebook have a voice

  • Intuitive and user friendly for forum members

  • Real time mobile experience

  • Stunning layouts & design

  • Live chats with other users

  • Set permissions to make categories public or private



Turn your site into an active community with groups. Create a place for all your members to interact with each other around common interests. Site members can join your groups, participate in discussions, share media and more.

  • Create multiple groups for different interests

  • Grow active communities on your site

  • Easily customize the look and feel of your group page 

  • Set permissions to make groups public, private or secret

  • Let members create posts, join discussions and share media 

  • Allow members to create their own groups  

  • Manage roles to give members admin access

  • Update and manage your groups on the go with an App.


Subscriptions, Memberships, & Plans

  • Sell subscriptions, packages and memberships for your services, products, content and software. 

  • Create and recommend your own paid plans and promote them on your pricing page

  • Offer free trials and plans so members can try your services before committing

  • Let clients purchase subscriptions or plans in advance and use them over a period of time

  • Set up special pricing and recurring payments for long-term clients and members

  • Manage your services, sales and customer info—from one, integrated dashboard

  • Send automatic emails to remind clients to renew their subscription or plan before they expire

  • Choose a payment provider: PayPal, Stripe and more

  • Accept all major credit cards

  • Great for gyms, coaches, consultants, education, beauty, website page access, and more. 

  • Get 24/7 customer support.



Build, manage and promote your stunning online store. It’s intuitive and commission free! Beautiful designs that match your website’s design for a professional look. Accept multiple payment options for your store products and digital downloads. Easily promote your products right from the store manager. You can sell and ship your own products or connect to a distributor’s site, such as Printful or ModalystStores gives you all the tools you need to start selling online:

  • Sell products or digital downloads

  • Add an unlimited number of products

  • Accept PayPal, credit cards & offline payments

  • Promote your store with integrated email marketing

  • Ensure a secure SSL-certificate checkout

  • Track your sales with an intuitive store manager

  • Manage your store on the go with a Mobile App

  • Add shipping & pickup options

  • Create coupons & sales

  • Get found online with SEO tools

  • 100% commission free

  • Get support 24/7


Live/Member Chat

With Chat, anyone visiting your site can instantly send you a message and start a chat. Chat back anytime – even from your phone. Chat is a great way to build relationships with your visitors. You can help your customers faster, increase sales, and more.

  • Chat from your desktop or on your phone with an App

  • Let visitors chat with you on your mobile site

  • Know instantly when a new visitor comes to your site

  • Get notified when someone buys a product or books an appointment



Get the industry-leading event management platform to sell tickets and collect RSVPs.

  • Create, host and showcase all your events

  • Set your own pricing and sell tickets. Online ticket sales have a 2.5% service fee

  • Collect RSVPs for personal events, like weddings and parties

  • Send attendees branded/customized email invitations 

  • Manage your event and guest lists

  • Choose a payment provider: PayPal, Stripe and more

  • Accept all major credit cards

  • Get advanced marketing tools to promote and share your event on social 

  • Scan tickets or manually check in guests at the door—from any mobile device

  • Let attendees see who's coming and network with each other

  • Export ticket orders and guest lists to track sales and get meaningful insights

  • Great for meetups, conferences, concerts, weddings and more. 

  • Get 24/7 customer support.



Accept and manage online reservations right on your website - with no cover fee! When customers book a table in advance, they’ll receive an automatic email and text confirmation.

  • Accept online reservations

  • Let visitors book time, day and party size

  • Collect customer info

  • Send automatic email confirmations

  • No cover fees



Provide site visitors with quick, simple answers to common questions about your products or services. FAQ lets you customize a beautiful FAQ on your website. Save yourself time by reducing your requirements of online customer support.

  • Beautiful FAQ section

  • Create categories, questions and answers with ease

  • Customized to match your existing website


Email Marketing

  • Send & Share Beautiful Emails in Minutes

    • Create Stunning Emails in Just a Few Clicks

  • Share Your Email Marketing Campaigns.

    • Get the word out about all the amazing things you’re doing.

    • Easily email your contacts or share on social media to tell everyone you know.

  • Customizable Styles​

    • Create beautiful emails with our stunning styles. Feel free to change your background, colors, fonts & more.

  • Hand-Picked Templates

    • Look professional with gorgeous, ready-made layouts designed for every type of message.

  • Easy Contact Integration 

    • Reach out to all of your contacts by adding and storing their details in a snap.

  • Social Media Tools​

    • Spread the word to more people by sharing your email campaigns on popular social networks.

  • Stats Tracker​

    • Learn more about each email’s success with easy-to-read stats on opens, views and clicks


Private/Member Area

The Members Area is a tool that enables your site members to have their own account on your site, thereby improving the experience you can provide to your users. It works great with:

  • Stores: allows members to view their order(s) status, store their addresses and manage credit cards for faster checkout.

  • Bookings: allows members to manage their appointments.

  • Events: allows members to view their events history and manage their events.

  • Forum: allows members to customize a public profile in your site, follow their favorite forum posters & see who is following them, write posts, view their comments, likes, and more.

  • Blog: allows members to customize a public profile in your site, follow their favorite writers & see who is following them, write posts, view their comments, likes, and more.

  • File Share: allows members to customize a public profile in your site, follow members, see more files, and more.

  • Chat: allows site members to chat with other site members directly.

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