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We are now offering custom designed mobile apps!

We are now offering custom designed mobile apps at a very affordable price!

Launch Your Branded App

Grow your business with a complete mobile experience for your organization.

This allows you to create a fully branded mobile app to showcase your professionalism and set your organization apart. Full creative control over your app including its look and feel, functionality, and communication with your members.

Once your app is complete it will be available on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms in Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Benefits of Creating a Branded App with RD Designs

Some of the benefits of creating your own branded app for your business include:

  • Increase customer loyalty and retention

  • Better engage with your community

  • Get complete ownership of your brand

  • Offer a professional mobile experience for your customers

  • Sync your app with your website’s business and marketing tools

  • Native for Android & iOS

  • Custom design

  • Synced with your website’s dashboard

  • Unlimited push notifications

  • Unlimited app downloads

  • Automatic app updates

  • Automatic app store submission

Contact us to learn more about branding your app today!

Custom Apps Starting at $2,000/year. Covers design, support, monthly fees, and Apple/Google App Store submissions. Let us design your app today!


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